Blush Opera Workshop

Blush Opera Workshop

The unique opportunity to witness the birth of a new chamber opera, presented with Blush Opera and New Music Network.

Date and Time29 Mar 2017, 2:00PM
VenueCity Recital Hall

Chop Chef: The Opera (a taster) - Blush Opera & Omega Ensemble will complete a live workshop and recording of two scenes from a new satirical chamber opera scored for piano, clarinet, viola, cello and voices. One aria and one ensemble scene from the new work will be performed and recorded. The workshop and recording be followed by a discussion with the performers, music director, composer and librettist about the development process and future of the work. Audience responses will also be encouraged. The event will be used to further develop the project as it moves towards a staged premiere in 2018.

A collaboration between Blush Opera and Omega Ensemble & produced as part of the New Music Network LAB 2017. The workshop will be for 30 audience members. In addition to the live audience, the video and audio recording recording of the event will be streamed live via facebook on the Blush and Omega pages. 

Chop Chef: The Opera will be a composition that explores the themes, relationships & social tropes represented in the high number of food-themed reality series on Australian television. The theatrical and melodramatic nature of these shows lends the style well to opera where heightened emotions and unusual manufactured scenarios are also commonplace.