Psycho: The Music of Bernard Herrmann

Psycho: The Music of Bernard Herrmann

Join Omega Ensemble on a fascinating journey of music by celebrated film music composer Bernard Herrmann, best known for his soundtrack to the movie Psycho.

Date and Time 2:30PM | Sun | 28 Feb 2016
VenueUtzon Room, Sydney Opera House


Echoes for String Quartet

Psycho – A Suite for Strings

Clarinet Quintet “Souvenirs de Voyage”


About The Music

Celebrated as one of the most innovative film composers of all time, Bernard Herrmann created the soundtracks for some of the 20th Century’s best-known films. The highly charged music that underlies Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho brilliantly conveys the tension and drama of this legendary thriller. But Herrmann did not just write for cinema. After a falling out with his longtime collaborator Hitchcock he returned to concert work, writing the clarinet quintet Souvenirs de voyage and the nostalgic Echoes.

Pre-Concert Talk

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