Backstage Pass: The Art of Page Turning

Backstage Pass: The Art of Page Turning

Have you ever wondered who that well-dressed man sitting next to Maria during live performances is? No, he is not a guru or a life coach, he is must more important that that! He's Robert Titterton, Omega's Chair of Page Turning and Chairman of the Board, and at each concert he has a very important rule - to make sure the pages of Maria's piano score are turned at the right time! 

Page turners are the unsung heroes of the musical world. They have to sit on stage, be very still and try not to get in the way. There is a real art to this profession and some have mastered it, just as Robert has. At one of our rehearsals we captured Robert giving a page turning Masterclass to our patrons. You may be thinking, how hard can it be to turn a page - well there have been some disastrous page turning incidents such as this one (and that's why pianists don't turn their own pages). 

In fact, Page Turning is such a noble profession that a Concerto for Page Turner has been composed (Maybe oneday Robert will get to perform as soloist in this concerto!


Please enjoy our Chairman of the Board as he demonstrates the fin art of page turning , a skill acquired through many years of practise. You can also catch our Chair of Page Turning at all of our concerts throughout the year, so don't miss out on this chance to see the 'Maestro of the Page,' in action at our next concert, "A Brahms Affair," on 7 September at City Recital Hall. 

Our Chair of Page Turning, Robert Titterton, gives a masterclass in page turning