Omega's debut CD recording out now

Omega's debut CD recording out now

Mozart: Clarinet Quintet | Munro: Songs from the Bush | Palmer: It Takes Two

The Omega Ensemble present their debut recording on ABC Classics, surveying music for clarinet from across three centuries.

When Mozart composed his iconic Clarinet Quintet in 1789 it was the first time in chamber music that the clarinet had been employed as a solo voice. In this performance, David Rowden performs on the basset clarinet – the instrument Mozart intended.

This popular classic is accompanied by two new Australian pieces. George Palmer’s It Takes Two is a three-movement piece celebrating friendship, love, energy and fun. A rich and varied work that includes moments of jubilation, high octane energy and virtuosity, and also deeply tender and lyrical moments, the piece celebrates the very essence of human bonds and friendship. On this recording, Omega Ensemble and Rowden are joined by clarinetist Dimitri Ashkenazy, who premiered the work with the group in 2008.

Munro’s Songs from the Bush – a concerto for two clarinets – has a very different inspiration. As the composer himself says, ‘I use both [Australian] folk material and Indigenous music in two distinct ways: more or less simply stated, close to its ‘original’ form, and highly developed and re-imagined and re-combined with other tunes and motifs.’ Munro weaves these two musical sources together to create ‘a link and a sympathy between the two cultures in ways that words can struggle to, and history might tend to deny’.

The Omega Ensemble is one of Australia’s most dynamic chamber groups, with a dedication to commissioning new works and reviving lost ones.



Thank you to all of our Pozible campaign supporters and Patrons for making this recording opportunity come to life by supporting this campaign.

Sian Graham, Bruce Terry, Wendy & Gregory See, Steven Alward & Mark Wakely, Cameron Williams, Jenepher Thomas, Shane Simpson, Petrina Slaytor, Tony Tenney, Marian McLaren, Meryl Joyce, Jom Spencer, Sylvia Yeung, Alexander Symes, Julie Mullins, Sandra Hutcheson, Christopher Latham, Liz Terracini, Mitzi Bourne, Brad Burke, Darren Chen, Samuel Cottell,  Philip Morey, Jane & Neville Rowden, Richard Morgan, Hugh Vaughan, Russell Hancock, Michael Lyons, Ian Latham, Catherine Hastings, John & Libby Snowdon, Mark Oliver, Marilyn Endlein, Billy Wong, Diane Orton, Sigrun Johannsdottir, Melinda Matthews, Renee Symonds, Kim Williams, Frances Dixson, Zoltan Endre, Andrew Anderson, Wayne Burns and Anonymous (14).

A special thanks to Toby Chadd (ABC Classics) and our wonderful recording engineer Virginia Read (ABC Classics).