Antonio Agri/Jose Carli

Romance del Diablo

for Accordion, String Quartet, Double Bass and Piano / arr. Crabb
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The violinist Antonio Agri was a prominent musician in both the classical and tango music worlds. He played in a number of small musical groups as well as the Rosario Symphony Orchestra.

In 1961 Agri met Astor Piazzolla, who invited him to take part in the Quinteto Nuevo Tango – an ensemble comprising bandoneon, piano, violin, electric guitar and double bass. In the following years Agri and Piazzolla worked together on a number of projects; performing, touring and recording. When Agri eventually decided to pursue other opportunities, Piazzolla vented his frustration in a radio interview, saying: “I admit that a mediocrity can retire, but not a genius of the violin like him”.

Desde Adentro, meaning ‘from within’, was recorded with José Carli in 1997. 

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