Brilliante $20,000 +

Mr Kim Williams AM
Anonymous (2)

Maestoso $10,000 +

Mr Robert Albert AO & Elizabeth Albert
Chris, Ingrid and Daniel Latham ☆
John and Libby Snowdon
Mark Wakely in memory of Steven Alward
Mr Geoffrey White OAM & Ms Sally White
Mr Cameron Williams

Maestri $5,000 +

Mr Bernard Coles SC
Mrs WG Keighley - In memory of Keighley Quist
Ms Alida Stanley and Mr Harley Wright

Virtuosi $1,000 +

Ms Amanda Armstrong in memory of Steven Alward
Joan and Ross Berglund
Mr David Emanuel
Mr Stuart Glenn
Mr & Mrs Diccon and Elizabeth Loxton
Robert McDougall
Paul O'Donnell
The Hon. George Palmer AM QC
Ms Stephanie Smee and Mr Paul Schoff
Mr & Mrs Tom and Dalia Stanley
Dr Jenepher Thomas

Encore $500 +

Emeritus Professor Christine Alexander
Mr Andrew Andersons
Mr & Mrs Gary and Joanna Barnes
Mr & Mrs Roberto and Ofelia Brozky
Mr & Mrs Alan and Phillippa Clark
Norman Gillespie
Sian Graham
Mr & Mrs Richard & Alison Morgan
Dr and Mrs John Negrine
Mr & Mrs Robert and Tessa Phillips
Poignand Consulting
Petrina Slaytor
Mr & Mrs Bruce and Mary Anne Terry
Tony and Doffy White
Anonymous (4)

Da Capo $250 +

Kate Abrahams
Charles and Anne Edmondson
Ms Penelope Evans ☆
Ms Julia Fung
Jenny and Jeff Herbert-Smith
Randell Heyman
He Crane Liu
Lisa-Marie Murphy and Nick Fletcher
Timothy & Eva Pascoe
Mrs Lindsay Wanstall
Anonymous (2)

☆ = Visionary Supporter
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The list is comprised of all donations made in the last complete 12 month period. New donations may take 14 days to be updated.

Principal Chair Sponsors

Mr & Mrs Chris and Ingrid Latham

Richard Craig Woodwind

Ms Alida Stanley and Mr Harley Wright

Mrs W.G.Keighley - In memory of Keighley Quist *

* Co-Sponsorship

Chairman's Council

By Invitation

Ms Karen O’Flynn
Mr George Palmer AM QC
Dr Neville Rowden
Mrs Mary Anne Terry
Mr Bruce Terry
Mr Robert Titterton

Artistic Director’s Circle

By Invitation

Mr Mark Wakely
The Hon. Jane Mathews AO
Dr Jane Rowden
Mrs W.G. Keighley